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We, NB Cold Chain, transport medicines, vaccines and perishables to further locations around the globe.

*We support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Continual innovation in the Refrigeration technology over the past decades has drastically transformed logistic of food, beverage and medicine. It enlarged distribution areas for these products with more frequent services and providing various options for foods and beverages to support better quality of our life. It is giving opportunities to help a vast number of people to prevent their kids against serious diseases.

It intends to reach a wide target from various places normally not reached by traditional logistics. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity to prevent serious diseases to our younger generation.

The cold-chain is not luxury. But it makes business and society more efficient to challenge in reducing disposed food (30-50% compared to production) and waste of vaccine (50% compared to distributed) with minimizing risk for supply chain.

In case of automobile, energy consumption of the compressor causes the travel distance to be shorter, hence, Electric Vehicles (EV) or Plugin Hybrid Vehicles (PHV) will gain more efficiency when we use the NB Cold Plate. NB Cold Plate is the key device to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of the United Nations through safe, smarter and greener refrigeration technology.


NB Cold Plate(Crescent F) Overview

In the last of the video, you can find the test data of a typical temerature range of NB Cold Plate,
to meet your expectations and different needs.

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NB Cold Plate Daily Flow


We contribute to people’s happiness and prosperity through our Refrigeration Transportation Technologies.


Drugs and vaccines require accurate temperature control between 2℃ to 8℃ to avoid waste or re-vaccination. Errors on temperature control can also indirectly result in the loss of patient's confidence when repeat doses are required.

United Nations’ SDG #3 aims “GOOD HEALTH AND WELL BEING - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. Our NB Cold Chain technologies enlarge distribution area for vaccination and enable more frequent cost-effective services.

Distribution of food and beverage is another big pillar for NB Cold Chain to contribute to the society by ensuring freshness through exact temperature control. We also aim to help increase the revenue of the supply chain players by reducing food disposal.

Mitigating potential risk for food spoilage will lower the operational risk for wholesalers and retailers with reasonable distribution cost. Urbanization and economic growth drove the demand for protein-rich products.

NB Cold Chain technologies are key enablers to deliver temperature-managed products.

It is an opportunity for NB Cold Chain to contribute in minimizing carbon footprint (SDG #13) by focusing on energy efficiency. Energy consumption of compressor cause travel distance shorter, if refrigerated vehicles goes Start-Stop System, EV or PHV for energy efficiency.

In comparison, the NB Cold Plate consumes less power than the traditional compressor-based system. This means longer distance due to energy-efficient cooling technology. NB Cold Chain can sustain an excellent temperature control even with limited energy supply.

NB truck
Why NB Cold Plate?
What is the difference from others?

Choices ranging from Shoulder Box to Refrigerated Truck.
"Scalability" and "Expandability" are the Key Competencies.

From shoulder box to fefrigerated truck

Even if the door is opened and closed frequently,
the internal temperature is consistently regulated.
From shoulder boxes to trucks, this characteristic is maintained.

Return to the target temp
Return to the target temp

NB Cold Plate provides various temperature grades from chilled to frozen temperature.

temp grades

How to use these strong points?

grobal business image

NB Cold Plate will increase business opportunities in various industries.
• The size is scalable from shoulder box to large truck,
• The temperature is covered from chilled to frozen,
• Hours is expandable from half day to several days.
There will be various business opportunities for transportation industries, in-land, sea, and air.

Will you work together with us
to contribute to a "Safer, Smarter and Greener" society?

We’re looking for business partners who agree and can identify with our value proposition for NB Cold Plate. We will provide NB Cold Plate training courses to partners with an existing contract.

NB Cold Plate Businesses

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NB Partners Training Program (Sample Curriculum Outline)

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